What is Summercore?

Our unique 5-day Technology Marathon conducted by the Summercore Team is journey through hardware, software and humanware designed to energize teachers. Offered since 1985, Summercore has educated over 3,000 teachers and administrators; Summercore focuses on both skills and issues. Because we divide the skill sessions into JV and Varsity groups, Summercore works for both novices and experts and everyone in between. Every session is designed so that we can address the computer needs of each participant in a meaningful way through lectures, round-table discussions, numerous hands-on skill sessions and experienced teaching.


Summercore has empowered each and every participant to return to her/his school to become part of the essential humanware needed to achieve meaningful integration. The essence of our Summercore philosophy is that every teacher today has a role and responsibility in the technological evolution/revolution going on. Most of our schools have more than enough hardware and software but not enough computer-using teachers. SummerCORE (conference on reforming education) focuses on the one component -- people -- with a goal of increasing the humanware component in Independent Schools.


  • Summercore is a unique 5 day marathon journey through hardware, software and humanware

  • Summercore is designed for teachers of all ages and all stages: from novices to administrators to skilled users to Directors of Technology

  • Summercore is different from virtually any other computer workshop you have ever attended

  • Summercore provides one-on-one attention

  • Summercore takes each participant at her/his level with technology and strives to increase computer know-how significantly

  • Summercore is about incorporating technology in the K-12 curriculum

  • Summercore is about change

  • Summercore is about building enthusiasm and building an awareness of a host of philosophical issues and practical strategies!

Summercore is about humanware and helping to move all teachers and administrators along. We pride ourselves in helping teachers with practical strategies for classroom usage, providing insights into the big picture issues (gender equity, plagiarism, safety, honesty, 1-to-1 implementation strategies) that are never about hardware and software, but always about teachers, students, curriculum and faculty training.

Summercore, Inc., 1414 S Penn Sq, #25A, Philadelphia, PA 19102

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