GoogleCore (or GCore) is a Google tools workshop for K-12 teachers and administrators. Our goal is to excite, empower, engage, and energize teachers, both beginners and experienced Google Suite users. We weave crucial educational and pedagogical themes into the two-day experience. Taking great pride in teaching skills in conjunction with sharing big picture themes, we are teachers teaching teachers at our Summercore professional development sessions, believing that technology use provides new and innovative ways of engaging students.

GCore is for teachers and administrators at all stages and all levels. GCore is for Google Suite beginners who benefit from mentoring by patient and experienced teachers. GCore is also for more skilled users who benefit by filling in many gaps in their know-how and by practicing with numerous powerful Google features and applying them with a compelling educational philosophy. GCore is for administrators, technology specialists, and technology directors who will discuss integration strategies and meaningful pedagogy in overseeing a Google Suite program.


GCore offers a unique professional development experience by combining practical classroom applications, Google Suite and Google tools skills, best practices for using Google Suite in the classroom, and hands-on learning. GCore is not about skills alone. It is about using these wonderful tools to transform the classroom and to consider how Google’s collaborative opportunities can infuse technology into classroom pedagogy. Technology is not about hardware and software but rather humanware.

As one participant writes, "Fabulous! I learned so much in only two short days! I now feel comfortable teaching Google Drive to my students!"

Learn how to create an educationally innovative classroom with all things Google in this two-day workshop

What is GoogleCore?

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