Integrating Google Tools

Integrating Google Tools is a one-day, hands-on exploration that will help teachers of all skill sets and abilities use Google Suite to create an educationally innovative (and paperless) classroom. We will cover all the powerful aspects of Google tools with both step-by-step instructions and pedagogical strategies for successful implementation. Learn all of the dynamic features of Google Documents for collaborating, editing, and revising. Use Google Forms for assessment and feedback, and design games and activities with Google Sheets. Move forward with Google Classroom with hands-on instruction and best practices for using both beginning and power features for collaboration and feedback. Explore the world with Google Explorations and Google Culture and create webquests and websites with the revised Google Sites. Learn about useful search strategies for you and your students. Test out the best add-ons and extensions to enhance your Google Suite experience. Most of all, have fun learning how to use all things Google to enrich your curriculum; we pride ourselves on creating professional development that is filled with both laughter and learning.

We will customize the workshop based on the needs of participants, but we will focus on some of these topics:

  • Storytelling and Timelining with Google My Maps, the new Google Earth, and Google Tour Builder

  • Integrating the curriculum applications of Google Draw

  • Creating an interactive slideshow with Google Slides

  • Exploring spreadsheets for a student collaboration project

  • Using Google Forms to gather information and create assessments

  • Applying Google Add-ons and Chrome extensions to improve Google Suite tools

  • Using Google Tools to aid student writing and editing

  • Experiencing Google Classroom’s power to distribute assignments, generate class discussions, and access content

  • Developing student projects with Google Site

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