iCore Curriculum

During the two days of iCore, we focus on iPads in the classroom from the ground up. Learn about innovative apps and uses for the iPads in a 1:1 or shared environment. Discuss the implications of iPads and 1:1 classrooms and learn about terrific teaching and learning methods for iPads in your curriculum from expert teachers. We will also explore strategies for expanding and deepening iPad usage by creating projects, digital portfolios, and workflow solutions. 

We will take advantage of the iPad's strengths to address the needs of your students. Explore presentation, mind mapping and storytelling apps that will allow your students to create their own tutorials and gain mastery over the classroom material. Learn innovative techniques from models of classroom practice. Explore video production as a means of flipping the classroom for your students and for encouraging your students to create meaningful content about your curriculum.

In teaching iPad apps throughout the workshop, we provide hands-on self-guided challenges that allow participants of all skills levels to develop confidence in integrating these apps into their curriculum; additionally, teachers work together in groups to solve problems, master skills, and create content. Listed below are some of the apps representative of our workshop theme of content-creation and meaningful student-centered digital learning. Participants will have the time to create projects for their own curriculum, share content ideas with other teachers, and gain confidence in managing their iPads and iPad apps.

Below are many of the apps that we will cover over the two days of iCore.


  • Adobe Spark Video & Spark Page

  • Book Creator

  • Classkick

  • Explain Everything

  • Extempore

  • Flipboard

  • Flipgrid

  • Google Expedition

  • Google Suite: Classroom, Drive, and Keep

  • Padlet

  • Puppet Pals

  • Recap

  • Seesaw

  • Shadow Puppet

  • Thinglink

  • Tiny Cards

  • Tiny Tap

  • Touchcast

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