GoogleCore Curriculum

Google Suite offers a range of features that allow teachers to create an educationally innovative classroom. This two-day workshop offers both step-by-step instructions and pedagogical strategies for successful implementation. Learn how to create a paperless classroom, use Google Forms and Add-ons for assessment and feedback, and design games and activities with Google Sheets. We explore strategies for expanding and deepening Google tools usage by creating projects, digital portfolios, and workflow solutions using the powerful new features of Google Suite. Discover the best Add-ons and extensions to enhance your Google experience, including Doctopus, Flubaroo, Flippity, and Kaizena. Of course, we include the terrific management features and educational opportunities of Google Classroom. Learn innovative techniques from models of classroom practice.

GCore participants learn through a series of self-guided challenges for both "JV" and "Varsity" users and by team projects to solve problems and discuss classroom integration strategies:


  • Storytelling and Timelining with Google My Maps

  • Thinglink-ing with Google Draw to create an annotated image

  • Creating an interactive slideshow with Google Slides and Poll Everywhere

  • Designing a class newsletter and template

  • Exploring spreadsheets for a student collaboration project

  • Using Google Forms to gather information

  • Applying Google Add-ons and Chrome extensions to improve Google Suite tools

  • Using Google Tools to aid student writing and editing

  • Learning useful search strategies

  • Exploring the world with Google Expeditions and Google Cultural Institute

  • Experiencing Google Classroom’s power to distribute assignments, generate class discussions, and access content

  • Discovering great YouTube resources for all ages and all subjects

  • Webquesting with Google Sites

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