What is Summercore?

Founded in 1982, Summercore has introduced over 3,500 teachers and administrators from over 550 Independent schools to an agenda that will empower novices, enrich the expertise of Directors of Technology, and build skills for all computer-using teachers. Our goal is to help teachers and schools integrate technology throughout the curriculum. We offer presentations, hands-on workshops, and Summercore Sessions. We provide services to the teacher seeking to improve technology skills and pedagogy and to the administrator seeking to move a school forward.


Because we are all teachers, we know the curriculum and the strategies necessary for meaningful integration. We empower teachers and administrators to move forward with technology by supplying them with the necessary expertise and excitement. Our team teaches through the unique perspectives and viewpoints of a classroom teacher, a technology director, and a student. Our workshops are unlike others; we pride ourselves on the personal attention participations receive; we make sure that all sessions are hands-on, loaded with useful pedagogical strategies, and filled with good food and laughter.

Summercore, Inc., 1414 S Penn Sq, #25A, Philadelphia, PA 19102

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